Frequently Asked Questions

Restoring your Apple purchases

Tap the menu in top right.
Then tap the cog icon in the bottom right of the menu.
Next tap 'Restore Previous Purchases'.
Sign in with the Apple account used for your purchases.
Any previously purchased single issues will be restored.
Any issues published during the course of your current or a previous subscription will be restored.

Buy Subscriptions subscribers

If you purchased your subscription from Buy Subscriptions, tap the menu in top right.
Then tap the LOG IN button in the menu.
Enter your the email address and password used for your subscription in the fields provided.
If you have forgotten your password, tap the link to visit the Buy Subscriptions website in Safari.

Where are my issues?

To read any issue, tap the cover.
If you need to login, purchase or subscribe to read the issue, you will be prompted to do so.
If you are an existing Apple subscriber, please ensure you restore your Apple purchases.
If you are an existing Buy Subscriptions subscriber, please ensure you LOG IN.

Downloading issues to read offline

To download an issue or a collection of issues to read offline, tap the down cloud arrow in the top left of screen.When an issue or a collection of issues has been downloaded, tap the icon again to delete it.

Issue formats

The September 2019 issue, and any new issues, are available in responsive HTML format to suit your device screen. Back issues and Specials are available in PDF format, and support pinch and zoom.

Need help?

If you require any further assistance, please tap the menu icon in top right,
then tap the cog icon in bottom right. Then tap 'Report A Problem' and let us know how we can help. This also sends a device report so we can analyse any technical issues.

For general queries, please email